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Florida Foundation Authority joining Alpha Foundations to cover the entire state of Florida

FFA crew installing PolyRenewal concrete lifting

Concrete Lifting

When your concrete is sinking, it looks unappealing, creates a dangerous falling hazard, and pooling water issues. Our simple, clean proven system will work on all your concrete surfaces.

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    Orlando, FL

    Orlando, FL

    The area may be near a magical world, but the wet climate and unstable soil is anything but. Your Orlando home can sustain significant damage, but you can repair and protect it for good!

    Melbourne, FL

    Melbourne, FL

    Melbourne’s rainy, humid weather and poorly drained sandy soils are dangerous to home foundations. Local experts can help you permanently repair and protect your home.

    Daytona Beach, FL

    Daytona Beach, FL

    While famous for its racetrack, Daytona Beach is an area notorious for crawl space, foundation, and water management problems. Protect your home the right way with expert help!

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