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Crawl Space and Foundation Repair Service in Melbourne, FL

Floods, cracks, and other damage can be detrimental to your crawl space, foundation, and concrete around your home. Here’s how to prevent this damage!

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Installing Crawl Space Waterproofing Solutions in Melbourne, FL

Melbourne gets its fair share of rainy days throughout the year, with more rainy days concentrated on the tail end of summer than in the winter. More rain means more potential moisture issues that can negatively affect your crawl space. You might notice more and more leaks springing inside the crawl space, leading to this space flooding more often as a result.

Florida Foundation Authority’s tough waterproofing solutions can protect your Melbourne crawl space from these flooding issues with ease! Our drainage system can catch any water that seeps through the ground, wall cracks, and open vents and then redirect it down to the sump pump. The sump pump will then move this water out either to a nearby storm drain or onto your lawn.

We can also encapsulate the crawl space of your Melbourne home to ensure that no moisture, mold or mildew spores, or pests can ever infiltrate this space. This process consists of four key components that are tough enough on their own, but, combined, can provide the most thorough protection for your crawl space. All in all, you can rest easily knowing your crawl space will stay completely dry for years to come.

Home Foundation Repair in Melbourne, FL

FFA Crew measuring foundation hole

Your foundation is perhaps one of the most crucial systems in your entire home. It keeps your home lifted from the surrounding soil and maintains its upright structure against the various storms and hurricanes Melbourne constantly faces. If you do not properly maintain your foundation, then all that moisture can begin to negatively affect both it and the soil supporting it.

Fortunately, you can count on Florida Foundation Authority to implement the best foundation repair solutions for your Melbourne home. Our pier systems can help to support your settled or cracked foundation from below. Not only can these piers stabilize and even lift the foundation, but they also can close any cracks along its surface over time, too. These piers can also brace your foundation against any future damage that might threaten to cause it to sink again.

Our sturdy wall anchors stabilize your home, but in a different way. These durable anchors are recommended when your foundation walls are bowing inward. This solution is only recommended for those who have a large enough yard, as each anchor will need to be separated at specific intervals to work. No matter what issues your foundation will face, we will always have the right repair solution for your Melbourne home!

Lifting and Stabilizing Concrete Slabs in Melbourne, FL

There are a lot of concrete structures surrounding your Melbourne home that can be easily damaged. Your sidewalk, driveway, walkway leading up to your home, and patio are susceptible to cracking apart or becoming uneven. This damage can spread down to the foundation the longer you neglect it, so it is important for you to have this damage repaired as soon as you can.

Florida Foundation Authority can offer your Melbourne home’s concrete slabs a thorough repair solution: our SettleStop PolyRenewal™ injection foam. This foam might not sound all that strong, but it is perfectly capable of permanently lifting and stabilizing these heavy slabs to their original state. This foam does not require any noisy construction or other messy implementation. Our experts merely need to inject the foam through the concrete, filling in any cracks, holes, or other damage in the slab.

This foam can help to stabilize both the concrete above and the supporting soils below. This can prevent these soils from washing out during a storm and causing the slabs to settle further into the soil. It is made up of eco-friendly materials so that it will not negatively affect your landscaping or other plants around your Melbourne home, too!

FFA crew installing PolyRenewal concrete lifting

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About Drainage, Crawl Spaces & Foundation Repair in Melbourne

The sump pump is the key to the entire drainage system. All the water our interior drainage system collects will flow into the sump pump. The float system installed inside the sump pump will detect when enough water has entered its system and thus activate the pump on its own. No need to rush to turn it on or plug it in right in the middle of a storm! The pump will then redirect this water out the exit pipes down to a nearby storm drain or trench that lies far from your home.

The fact that our sump pumps also have optional back-up battery packs on hand may also be some relief for you. These pumps will not significantly raise your electricity bill, nor will they shut down in the middle of any particularly bad storm. Its comprehensive alarm system will sound to let you know when it has turned on and when it is running low on battery as well. Our powerful pumps are capable of pumping out thousands of gallons of water from your home.

Cheaper sump pumps tend to be made up of plastic, which can lead to easier burnout and even melt the pump when it becomes overworked. This can then lead to the pump being backed up and spitting the flood back out into your crawl space. Florida Foundation Authority’s sump pumps are encased in cast iron that will not burn out no matter how much water is run through its system. Melbourne tends to see a lot of rain in the summers, which can easily contribute to flooding in the crawl space.

The push piers systems we offer can be a bit confusing to the average homeowner. They look the same and perform the same function, so why is there the need for three distinct types? The main difference between these piers is how they are installed below your foundation

Helical piers will have spiral-like attachments on the end that make it easier for our experts to hydraulically drill them into the soil below your home. Push piers, on the other hand, are manually pushed into the soil below your foundation. Both piers will offer the same amount of support and stabilization for your home. These piers will typically not be visible to the homeowner after installation, so you do not have to worry about any strange piers ruining the look of your home from the outside.Slab piers are another pier system we offer that specifically stabilizes slab foundations, which some Florida homes will have instead of a crawl space.

Melbourne’s soils are mainly sand, which is one of the loosest soil types there are. It does not pair well with the wet weather that is bound to wash it all away. Your foundation is more prone to settling and cracking issues that will in turn affect the rest of your home’s infrastructure. Both pier systems effectively utilize the strength of the deeper layers of soil below your home to support it. These deeper layers will not be washed out in a storm or hurricane, which makes it the perfect support for your foundation. The galvanized steel rods connecting the soil to the foundation from below will also ensure that your foundation will not shift or settle no matter how much of the upper layers are affected by harsh weather patterns.

Your foundation is not the only concrete structure that is impacted by moisture or washout. The other concrete slabs that make up your sidewalk, driveway, and other structures will be just as vulnerable to this moisture damage, too. Indeed, soil washout is the most common cause of settling or cracked slabs around your home. Unfortunately, many homeowners may focus on protecting the concrete above and neglect the soil underneath because they are unaware of the importance of this supporting soil.

Melbourne’s consistent wet weather patterns and constant foot traffic also do not do your concrete any favors, either. The constant washout of your soil can also cause the remaining soil to dry out much faster, too. This can then lead the soil to shrink in on itself, which can cause the slabs to settle even deeper. You should then take measures to protect both the concrete slabs and the soil to prevent this from happening. Calling the concrete experts at Florida Foundation Authority is your best bet.

Our SettleStop PolyRenewal™ solution works to stabilize both the concrete slabs above and the soil beneath. The foam injected through the slabs can fill in any cracks, gaps, or other damage in the concrete and extend down to the soil to repair that as well. You might be concerned that this solution will leach harmful chemicals in your soil. While it does bolster the soil against washout, it is also made up of eco-friendly materials that will not harm your soil nor poison the water that flows through it. It will not affect your lawn or landscaping in any way. One of its biggest benefits also lies in its quick cure time. In just 15 minutes, you will be able to walk along your concrete once more!

Spotting any cracks along your concrete slabs or within your foundation is always a serious issue. Even smaller cracks can eventually expand down to the foundation. It is not wise to put off repairing these cracks for very long because of this, so you will need to call the concrete experts at Florida Foundation Authority as soon as possible. Setting an appointment with us is very simple. We will visit and inspect your property any time you need us!

Of course, not all homeowners will have the time to repair every crack they see in their home. This is why knowing the difference between which cracks may be left alone for a short time and which must be repaired as soon as possible is crucial for all homeowners to know. Any cracks that measure less than 1/8 inch wide are often referred to as hairline cracks and pose little if any, immediate threat to the surrounding concrete or your foundation. You should keep a close eye on any cracks that measure between 1/8 and 1/4 inches wide, though these too can be left alone for some time. You also need to keep in mind that these cracks can expand given enough time, so you should try to make an appointment with our concrete experts as soon as you are available.

Any cracks that measure wider than 1/4 inch must be repaired as soon as possible. These cracks pose a threat to both the surrounding concrete as well as your foundation if you do not keep up with its maintenance. It is always a good idea to have your concrete inspected yearly for any problem signs or damage that you may sometimes overlook.

The encapsulation process consists of four key components: waterproofing with an interior drainage system and a sump pump, the vapor barrier, vent covers, and the dehumidifier. The interior drainage system and sump pump will take care of any larger floods that may try to flow inside the crawl space. You can rely on the sump pump to redirect thousands of gallons of water away from your home without a single drop getting inside. The vapor barrier can also help in that regard. This 20-mil liner encompasses the entire crawl space and ensures that no groundwater can well up and flood your crawl space. Mold, mildew, and pests also will have a harder time infiltrating this space due to the antimicrobial additives on this barrier.

Contractors used to believe that leaving open vents around the crawl space would keep the air inside well-circulated and dry. Considering the fact that Melbourne faces high levels of humidity year-round, this obviously creates moisture issues within your crawl space. Moisture can not only contribute to floods, but also it can induce rot within this space as well as entice mold, mildew, and various pests to come infest the crawl space. This is why sealing off the crawl space from these outside threats is so important. Our sturdy vent covers will completely cover up any open vents from the outside. These plastic covers are guaranteed to not blow off no matter how harsh the weather is.

Before we completely close off the crawl space, we will first install our powerful dehumidifier. The dehumidifier will filter out any humidity that manages to slip through while also circulating fresh air all around this space. Because your HVAC system can also be found within the crawl space, you might notice the air around your home becoming cleaner, too!

Foundations are surprisingly vulnerable to all kinds of moisture damage. For instance, the soil supporting your foundation is already quite loose due to its sandy nature. Even just one large storm can easily wash away that supporting soil and cause the foundation to settle further into the remaining soil. Of course, this settling does not occur for no reason. The already loose nature of the soil does not help, and contractors will unintentionally make it even looser when they dig it up when they first go about building your home.

Basically, contractors need to dig a large hole in the area where they plan to lay down the concrete slab foundation or crawl space. After each component is secured, there will be some space left around them that the contractors will then backfill in with some of the soil they initially dug up. This creates a bowl of sorts around the foundation, leading to what is known as the clay bowl effect taking place. The soil does not necessarily have to be made up of clay to take effect, either. All this means is that your much looser soil is far more susceptible to washing out as a result of the contractors’ construction methods.

Another way your foundation becomes damaged is through hydrostatic pressure. Melbourne’s constant rains can lead to the soil absorbing far more water than it is realistically capable of holding at once. This can create immense pressure against the foundation and cause it to shift out of its original placement or even crack apart. Hydrostatic pressure can also occur when these same water droplets become trapped in the concrete foundation’s pores. When winter comes and the water freezes over, the expanding ice can then crack the foundation from within.

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