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Foundation and Concrete Lifting Repair in Daytona Beach, FL

Check out how foundation repair, crawl space waterproofing, and concrete lifting can improve your Daytona Beach home.

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Crawl Space Waterproofing in Daytona Beach, FL

For any leaks springing in your crawl space, placing a bucket underneath them is not a sustainable solution to this problem. It does not target the cause of the leak nor does it really patch up anything. This will only increase the likeliness of crawl space flooding. Instead, it is best to call the experts at Florida Foundation Authority to implement our repair solutions that will prevent the crawl space of your Daytona Beach home from flooding or leaking ever again.

Florida Foundation Authority can install our thorough drainage system in your Daytona Beach home’s crawl space. This system is installed in your crawl space floor closest to the walls. The pipes in this system are guaranteed never to clog, so you can rest easy knowing all the water and other debris will flow cleanly away to your sump pump and therefore away from your home. 

Daytona Beach tends to see a lot of rain, particularly in the summer. It is then no surprise that your home will face plenty of leaking issues now and in the future without these crucial repairs.

Foundation Repair in Daytona Beach, FL

FFA Crew measuring foundation hole

The foundation is the most crucial structure in your entire Daytona Beach home. Not only does it support your entire home so that it does not sink into the soil, but also it keeps it steady against heavy winds, hurricanes, and other harsh weather. Without a solid support system in the surrounding soil, it will start to show signs of wear and damage.

Daytona Beach foundations are especially vulnerable due to the nature of the loose soil supporting them. They are more likely to shift around, settle deeper into the soil that does not wash out in storms, or even break apart under enough pressure. You need a solution that not only repairs this damage but also braces the foundation against any future moisture damage that it will face, too.

We have plenty of different foundation repair solutions, all of which will work to protect the foundation from any moisture issues. Our various pier systems can help support and repair the foundation from below while our wall anchors can help to brace it against storms trying to shift the soils around. Whatever repairs your Daytona Beach home might need, Florida Foundation Authority can install it for you!

Concrete Lifting and Stabilizing Solutions in Daytona Beach, FL

The concrete surrounding your Daytona Beach home is surprisingly easy for moisture to break apart. Concrete may look tough from the surface, but it is not as invulnerable as it looks. Constant rains also can cause the concrete slabs of your sidewalk, driveway, or backyard patio to collapse without proper support. This, in turn, also can cause the concrete slabs to crack and spread damage down to the foundation given enough time.

Your Daytona Beach concrete needs a repair solution that can permanently lift and stabilize your concrete slabs. Florida Foundation Authority has just the fix: our SettleStop PolyRenewal™ injection foam. This foam does not require any loud construction work to install. Instead, it is pumped directly through your concrete slabs and lifts and stabilizes your slabs with minimal fuss. It is a waterproof solution that is guaranteed never to wash out.

Perhaps one of its biggest benefits is the fact that it takes only 15 minutes to cure. Other solutions might take days or weeks to cure before you can use your Daytona Beach home’s concrete. By using SettleStop PolyRenewal™ foam instead, you will get to walk along your concrete in just a matter of minutes!

FFA crew installing PolyRenewal concrete lifting

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About Drainage, Crawl Spaces & Foundation Repair in Daytona Beach

Florida Foundation Authority’s drainage systems are very thorough and will completely waterproof your Daytona Beach home from any moisture that tries to seep through. We can offer your home either an interior or an exterior drainage system. As their names imply, these systems are installed along the interior and exterior of your home respectively. The interior drainage system is installed in the floor and along the walls of your crawl space, which is where most water tends to gather when it floods. The exterior drainage system will be installed along the outside perimeter of your home and will collect any water that gathers out here instead. 

An interior drainage system will then redirect this water to the sump pump, which in turn will deposit this water out into a nearby storm drain or other drainage trench far away from your home. 
An exterior drainage system can benefit your home, as well. Rather than a storm drain far from your home, it will instead redirect the water it collects out onto your lawn. The cap over the drain prevents water from spilling back in and flooding your home. These systems are also guaranteed not to clog no matter what. Should any mud, dirt, or other debris flow inside, these drainage systems will then push it out along with any excess water that tries to get into your home. 

Many Daytona Beach homeowners will often try to repair any damage they see around their home by themselves. While some projects like painting can be competed by homeowners, foundation repair is not something you should DIY.The foundation is perhaps the most crucial structure in your home; it holds up your entire home from the soil around it and ensures that it will not sway or tilt even during the harshest weather.

This is why you need to leave these complicated repairs to the experts at Florida Foundation Authority. We can offer your home free foundation inspections and give our professional opinion on how to go about the repairs. Our experts will be able to pinpoint the exact cause of your foundation damage, offering free quotes on all our powerful repair solutions while we are there, too. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have about our various systems and solutions during this visit as well.

We have plenty of foundation repair solutions that will tackle foundation damage in different ways. Our pier systems, for instance, can stabilize and even lift a settled foundation. They can also brace your foundation against any potential settling damage in the future. Our wall anchors work to stabilize and help repair bowing foundation walls.

Typically, the average homeowner will be able to tell when their concrete is truly uneven. You will definitely notice if some slabs seem to sink into the soil more than others. Of course, these slabs can be dangerous hazards that you or other members of your family are sure to trip over or stub your toes on. This is not the only damage you can potentially face, either. This concrete damage can easily spread down to your foundation and significantly impact the rest of your home. You might find your floor starting to sag or your doors and windows sticking. This can be extremely dangerous, as this damage can indicate that your home is near collapse.

Catching these problem signs is therefore necessary to prevent this damage from growing out of control. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to spot when the concrete has become uneven, which can make foundation damage that much harder to prevent. Taking advantage of Florida Foundation Authority’s free concrete inspections can definitely help out. You can get an expert’s confirmation on the matter as well as advice on where to go from there.

Additionally, there is a fairly simple way to tell if your concrete slabs have become uneven. It does require you to wait for it to rain, but that should not be any trouble in Daytona Beach. Puddles will form on even concrete slabs during a storm, but they should not linger for very long. Usually, all that water will eventually slope off to a drain and leave your concrete dry a few days after the storm has passed. If you notice pools of water sticking around days after a storm, then your concrete has become uneven.

Not all homes will have a crawl space, so its importance might not fully be recognized by the average homeowner. This can lead to neglect of this space, which in turn can lead to all sorts of issues attacking your home. The crawl space is important for one very simple reason: it contains many of your home’s most important structures and systems. This includes your HVAC system, electrical wiring, plumbing, insulation, your floor’s support beams, and your foundation. None of these items can stand to be so much as splashed with water, much less submerged in a flood.

Protecting the crawl space should be your primary goal when maintaining your Daytona Beach home. The infrastructure greatly relies on the many systems installed inside to keep running. If even one of these systems becomes damaged through neglect, then it can quickly spell trouble for the rest of your home, too. For instance, if constant flooding causes the foundation to gradually break down over time, you will notice the other structures in your house starting to be negatively impacted, too.

This does not mean that anyone can go into the crawl space unsupervised (or really at all) to repair these issues. The crawl space is named so for a reason. The average crawl space ceiling will range anywhere between one to three feet high: just barely enough room for an adult to crawl around in and little more. This can be dangerous for you which is why it is best to leave the inspection and repairst to the experts.

Daytona Beach’s soil is distinct enough to warrant its own soil type, aptly named the Daytona series. It is mostly sand and silt, which also means that it is more likely to wash out in a storm or hurricane. Of course, the fact that your home will face plenty of rain and wet weather does not do the soil supporting your home any favors, either.

The sandy soil around your home will attempt to absorb far more water than it is actually capable of holding. This then can create huge pressure pressing up against the foundation. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as hydrostatic pressure, and it can cause your foundation to shift out of its original alignment or even crack into pieces.

Additionally, the soil may have been made even looser by the clay bowl effect. This phenomenon occurs when builders construct a new home. They will first dig up a large hole where they plan to lay down the concrete slab foundation or crawl space. Once these structures are set, there is typically a little space left around them that the builders then will backfill with the soil they dug up. This makes the already loose sandy soil even looser and thus more susceptible to washing out and causing immense foundation damage.

Not all Daytona Beach homes will have a crawl space. In fact, it is possible that you just have a slab foundation. A slab foundation is much cheaper to construct than an entire crawl space, which unfortunately means it is much more vulnerable to moisture damage than the average crawl space and foundation combo. Should this foundation begin to settle, it will need specialized slab piers to stabilize and lift it once more. Our slab piers will be able to lift the slab foundation back up to its original height. Because these piers are installed in the deeper layers of soil underneath your home, you do not have to worry about the foundation being affected by soil washout.

You might notice that slab piers are quite similar to our other pier systems as well. They do provide the same repairs as well as stabilize the foundation against any further washout or moisture damage. Indeed, the two other pier systems (helical piers and push piers) might not seem all that different from one another at all. The main difference actually lies in how they are installed under your home. Helical piers have spiral attachments at the ends that make it easier for an expert to drill into the soil under your home. Push piers are instead manually pushed into the soil under your foundation. Overall, your home should stay braced and protected against moisture damage for years to come.

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