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What Makes Florida Foundation Authority Different from Other Contractors?

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Florida Foundation Authority strives to define the way contractors provide customer care and permanent home repair solutions.

We want to provide warrantied and lasting repairs for your home. That’s why most of our products have long-term or lifetime warranties. Our products are also patented and expertly designed and tested by engineers and experienced professionals. Our inspectors and crews are thoroughly trained on when to use these products and how to correctly and effectively install them. We wouldn’t install these products in your home if we did not believe in them and know how to do it right.

We’re different from the stereotypical contractor not only because of our products but because of our employees and their dedication and attitude toward the work we do. We show up on time and when we say we will. We provide confirmation calls and on-the-way calls. If something goes wrong, we will come out to fix it. Unlike the stereotypical contractor, the sale or install is no the last time you will hear from us.

We believe we can create exceptional experiences for our customers and employees. What makes Florida Foundation Authority different? We are innovators who were built to do more and be more by pushing outside our comfort zone. We believe people come first, and that every customer deserves the highest quality solutions and professionalism.



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