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8 Easy Ways to Keep Pests Out of Your Home This Winter

Pests and insects escaping the weather will seek shelter and nourishment in your home. Take these steps to keep these critters out.

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Winter is already here with us. Just as we retreat to our homes for comfort, so can bugs and other pests. Without proper pest proofing, these uninvited guests can quickly infest your home, destroy your property, and bring in various diseases. 

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Protecting your home in winter 

Winter pests will always try to get into your home, so you have to be vigilant. To protect your home from a possible infestation, do these eight things. 

Winterize your doors and windows 

Small gaps and holes in your windows and doors act as entryways for pests and critters seeking shelter. You can lock them out by tightly sealing any gaps or spaces in your doors and windows. For even better protection, add weatherstripping to the perimeter of window and door frames to keep pests out. 

Use airtight containers to store your food 

Many animals such as rats and mice will look to your home for food and warmth. Make sure you store all your foods, including fruits, in airtight containers. Doing so prevents gnawing pests from contaminating your food. Also, do not leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight. Wipe up any spills and crumbs immediately. 

Fix leaky faucets 

Moisture from leaky faucets can destroy your cabinets and floors, encourage mold and mildew growth, and invite pests into your home. This becomes even more of a problem in winter as pests are searching for warm and moist areas. Check all faucets in your home and fix any leaks. Do not forget to check your crawl space for leaks and general dampness too. 

Seal up cracks and holes 

Cracks in your walls or floor provide the perfect entryway for pests and critters into your Orlando, FL, home. Make sure you inspect the foundation of your home and low-lying areas such as the crawl space for cracks and holes. Also, check for holes in areas where pipes and utilities enter your home and seal them. 

Vacuum your home 

Bugs like cockroaches are drawn to areas with plenty of food and moisture. You will spot them in damp and warm areas like the kitchen, behind appliances, and the bathroom. To discourage these bugs, vacuum your home and empty trash regularly. Get rid of all clutter and junk, including old books, newspapers, and boxes. 

Inspect packages 

During this season, you can expect pesky pests to make their way into packages and boxes. Be sure to check any box, packaging, or grocery bags that you send or receive for mice. They tend to hide or hitchhike on these items. 

Store trash properly 

Keep all food waste in the kitchen trash can and not in the wastebaskets throughout your home. Empty all dust bins every night after meals. Also, make sure all bins inside and outside your homes have secure lids to keep bugs out. 

Waterproof your crawl space 

Most Orlando, FL, crawl spaces tend to be dark and moist, providing the perfect environment for pests and bugs to thrive. Seal this area with a durable vapor barrier to lock out winter pests from your home. 

Crawl space encapsulation prevents moisture-laden air from getting into your crawl space. This way, it stays dry and pest-free. Other than discouraging pests, waterproofing helps reduce energy use, prevent water damage, and generally makes your home more comfortable and secure. 

At Florida Foundation Authority we strive to make sure your home stays comfortable, dry, and bug-free during the winter and throughout the year. Contact us today for a free crawl space inspection and repair quote.