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Our Top Picks for Florida State Seminoles Team-Themed Spaces

We've found several awesome FSU team-themed rooms, garages, and decorations. Check these out and get creative with your Seminoles football, basketball sports space.

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If you’re a Florida State Seminoles fan, hopefully you’re attending the games in person to see Osceola and Renegade take the field. If you’re not there in person, you’re definitely watching the garnet and gold go into action from home. And ideally, that’s from your FSU-themed viewing room or full-blown fan cave. 

Here are our top picks of FSU Seminoles-themed spaces from fan cave to viewing room to garage. Plus, we’ve added a few picks of special memorabilia you’ll want for your own collection.

FSU Fan Cave Supreme

Attribution: @DavidCastilloMD – Twitter

This is a superb fan cave from the AstroTurf-football-field-lined floor to the FSU-themed pool table, it’s all set for enjoying game day and no doubt some replays of the Noles favorite games.

Themed Seminoles Room

Attribution: Thomas Wheatley Real Estate – Facebook

This is a wonderful room full of memorabilia as well as quite an assortment of adult beverages. It’s a perfect place to watch the games and either celebrate or drown your sorrows, depending on the outcome.

FSU Garage Fan Cave — Work in Process

Attribution: Michael Sanders – Facebook

This is an incredible garage-based fan cave with all sorts of souvenirs and paraphernalia celebrating the Florida State Seminoles football team. The challenge for this fan is where to put everything from ticket stubs covering 1979 to the current season and so much else.  

Fan Cave Set for the Game

Attribution: @fsujunkie – Twitter

Photos of favorite moments adorn this man cave. Can you recognize these Seminole moments of fame?

Tallahassee Fan Cave — Watching FSU Softball

Attribution: Royalty Roots – YouTube

This is the perfect Florida State football-themed fan cave with the Women’s College World Series and FSU Softball in action. No need to stick with only one sport for your favorite college.

Couch, Paint, and Posters Make This Small Space Work

Attribution: Anthony Wayne Green – Facebook

You don’t have to go over the top. A well-appointed room with the right color walls, a few posters, and accessories for the couch is an excellent starting point.

Must-Have Accessory — FSU Christmas Tree

Attribution: @eddiemullins – Twitter

If your FSU-themed space has you searching long and hard to find something new to include, here’s the thing for you—a Seminoles Christmas Tree!

Add a Team-Themed Space to Your Home

These are a few ideas to get you started or to add to your own FSU Seminoles team-themed space. We’ve also touched on NFL-inspired spaces as well as NHL spaces in other articles.

Before you get started on building a complete team-themed space, make sure your home and its foundation are ready for the celebrations. Get in touch with the experts at Florida Foundation Authority to request a free inspection and repair estimate.



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