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6 Effective Ways of Protecting Your Home Against Fall and Winter Pests

Diminishing food and water sources together with the outside air will drive pests and insects into your home. Find out how you can keep them at bay during fall and winter.

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While it doesn’t get as cold in Orlando, FL, as it does in northern cities, you and your family aren’t the only ones who are going to seek solace in the comfort of your home. Crawling insects and pests will leave their hideouts and start invading your home. Stink bugs, wasps, spiders, cockroaches, and other critters will make forays into your comfy home. All they need is a tiny space to get in. To keep these bugs and other creatures out of your home in winter, here’s what you need to do. 

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1. Seal Your Home 

Pests and insects will come looking for nourishment in your home. Make sure that you weatherproof your doors and windows. Seal cracks around edges, exterior-opening gaps, and ledges that enable large pests or rodents to come into your home. Caulk cracks around your kitchen fixtures and bathroom too. Remember, the tiniest of cracks can allow insects to sneak in and access food and water. 

2. Fortify Your Exterior Defense 

Next, fortify your home inside out using backup products. There are many potent outdoor pesticides for this purpose. Spray them around your home’s perimeter and entryways like doors. To keep pests out of sensitive areas like the bathroom or kitchen, use specific labeled products. Pay attention to spots, cracks, and crevices. 

Aside from sealing penetration points, trim your trees and garden plants. The closest plant should be 12 inches from your home. Remove leaves, as they provide cover for insects. Place baits around your home, but a safe distance from entryways. 

Sweep your floors, wipe counters, and store food in the sealed containers in your pantry or refrigerator. This will make your kitchen less attractive to pests. It will also cut access to food and water they need for their survival. 

3. Stop Encouraging Pests 

You might think cooler temperatures are the only thing driving bugs and pests to your home. That’s not true. Your bad habits could be the reason pests are coming in droves. To help keep wood-boring pests at bay, avoid storing firewood near your home. This will discourage pests that use firewood as a staging area to get into your home. 

Remove piles of old fabric and papers, as they can provide shelter and nourishment to insects and rodents. Also, remove recycling bins that are attached to your garage. A few cans of soda and other oily foods can attract ants. When they start nibbling and moving out, they will leave a scent trail that will attract other ants. Keeping your home clean make it less attractive to pests. 

4. Identify Hotspots 

Your Orlando, FL, home has the nourishment and comfortable areas pests need for survival. They’ll attempt to get in and remain there. Monitor specific areas like utility rooms, dumpsters, storage rooms, and trash cans, as well as large equipment. 

5. Improve Indoor Cleaning and Sanitation 

Pests won’t come to your home because they like your style or décor. It’s the little incentives like crumbs, spills, and residue in drains or equipment that attracts them. Clean up your dining table after meals, dispose of leftovers properly and seal the garbage can tightly. Use organic cleaners to eliminate residue or grime. Don’t forget to de-clutter trash-handling areas. 

6. Seal the Crawl Space 

Your crawl space serves many purposes and harboring pests during cooler weather isn’t one of them. If it’s vented and exposed, rodents and crawling insects will come in and shelter down there. They’ll find it better than their hideouts. To lock out pests and other vermin, ask your local crawl space repair contractor to seal the below-ground area. They’ll use vent covers as well as a heavy duty 20-mil plastic vapor barrier that goes over the walls and floor. 

If you need help repairing your crawl space before the winter, get in touch with Florida Foundation Authority. We provide free crawl space repair inspections and quotes along with suggestions to keep it dry.