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Is it Dangerous if My Chimney is Tilting?

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Yes! You should certainly be concerned if your chimney is tilting away from your home. If a chimney is tilting, that means that there is an underlying structural issue that could cause damage or injury.

The structural problems are happening because the chimney has either been built on unstable soil or they were not built with proper support to begin with. When these are the case, the chimney will eventually fail over time. If it topples over, this can cause damage to your siding, foundation, and yard. Afterward, you would have the expenses of rebuilding the chimney and repairing the damages it caused. 

Some believe that settlement is “normal” or just happens to a structure over time, but that is not the case. Foundation settlement only happens when the ground underneath cannot support the weight on top of it. It will also worsen as time goes on and cause the damages listed above.

How Can Florida Foundation Authority Repair Tilting Chimneys?

We have several options for repairing an unstable chimney structure, the most effective is helical piers. These are piers that can essentially be screwed into the earth in order to reach a more stable soil layer or bedrock. Once they have reached an appropriate depth, our experienced crews will attach a bracket that will mount to the foot of your chimney’s foundation. This will transfer the weight of the structure to the piers and off of the incompetent ground.

Are There Any Other Concerns I Should Be Aware of?

If your chimney is structurally unsound, it may be a good idea to have the rest of your home inspected. Because the soil underneath both structures is in close proximity, it should be more or less the same type. This means that your home’s foundation may be settling or at risk of settlement as well.

Also, remember that quick fixes like caulk and foam are not permanent solutions. These are more cosmetic and will not withstand over time.

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