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Excessive Evaporation and Gaps Between Soil & Foundation

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Soil and your foundation

Protecting your home means more than just working to keep your living quarters pleasant to stay in. It also means caring for the out-of-sight places, like your crawl space, and your entire lawn. As the weather changes, your lawn will have an impact on the health of your home, and you can change that impact based on the steps you take to maintain your lawn’s health.

For example, without home waterproofing solutions in place, your home is at the mercy of the soil and its various changes. What happens when the water in your soil starts to evaporate? How can your home suffer without the presence of nearby water?

Here, you can explore the consequences of Florida’s blistering summers and form a plan to combat gapping between your yard and foundation.

Shrinking Soil Around Your Home

Unfortunately, the soil around your home is not consistent. As the weather changes, so too will the soil. In rainy weather, the soil particles beneath your foundation can swell in size as they absorb water, and what water they can’t absorb will transform into hydrostatic pressure or annoying moisture inside of your home. During a blistering summer without rain, these same soil particles can start to shrink in size to the point where there are gaps between them that your foundation can sink into.

Signs of Soil and Home Damage

Gaps tend to appear between your home’s perimeter and the soil when a drought’s gone on for too long without treatment. Outside of the obvious gap, how can you tell when something’s amiss with your soil?

Some of the symptoms of an unhealthy lawn and foundation include:

  • Sticking windows or doors
  • Foggy windows
  • Cracks in your ceiling, walls, or foundation
  • Uneven or sagging floors
  • Bowing walls

Note that some of these symptoms can appear when your foundation or crawl space has suffered from extensive exposure to hydrostatic pressure. If you need help determining why something has gone amiss in your home, you can reach out to the professionals servicing the Orlando, FL, area for guidance.

Addressing Gapping Soil

If you do find yourself dealing with gapping soil, don’t worry. There are steps you can take to bring your yard back to life. Note that it can take a fair amount of time to rejuvenate a yard, but the effort will be worth it.

To combat soil gapping, you can:

  • Use home drains to your advantage – Sometimes, gaps appear between your home and your yard because the water near your home isn’t going where it should be. Sometimes, this can result in the over-generation of hydrostatic pressure. Other times, it can mean the soil near your home doesn’t get the water it needs. When you invest in home drains, like interior and exterior drains, you can redirect the water that threatens to seep into your home and put it to more appropriate use – or at least keep it away from your sensitive support structures.
  • Water your soil – Funnily enough, a home sprinkler system promises to help your home more than it threatens to harm it. You’d assume that the presence of additional water near the perimeter of your home would add to the hydrostatic pressure there, but this isn’t the case. Instead, a home sprinkler system can help you keep your soil hale, meaning it will be less likely to shift in the long run.
  • Think through your landscaping – It’s also possible to keep your soil in place with the help of weather-resistant plants. Some plants and grasses have root systems fine enough that they’ll hold your soil in place even as the particles themselves start to shrink. These plants can often resist Florida’s variable weather, making them ideal additions to your lawn.

As you work to take care of your soil, you’ll protect your home from the worst of Orlando, FL’s unpredictable weather. Luckily, you don’t have to undertake this job alone. You can reach out to the foundation and crawl space repair experts at Florida Foundation Authority to determine what methods of home protection may suit you best. After a home inspection, they can provide you with a free quote on those services that may save you money in the long run.

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