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Safe and Effective Exterior Drainage Systems Will Help Keep Your Home Dry

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It is important to maintain properly functioning gutters by keeping them free of leaves and debris throughout the year. This allows the downspouts to work correctly in diverting water away from your house. If your gutters or downspouts are blocked, water will overflow and can even seep into your home.

Let’s also look at how this water is directed away from your home. What do your downspout conductor lines look like? You should not be able to see them above the ground. Above-ground downspout conductor lines are unsightly tripping and safety hazards. You wouldn’t want to have to move or maneuver around these lines while you are mowing the lawn or worry about falling over them while playing outside with your children.

Placing these lines in the ground and directing them far away from your home is the best way to keep water from downspout conductor lines out of the house. They may be out of sight and out of mind, but you also need to think about the condition of this buried drainage system. These pipes fail to do their job if they crack or collapse, and you could end up with puddles of water on your property or inside your home.

Older clay pipes commonly split, break, or crack. But we install stronger, triple wall polyethylene pipe of 3” to 4” diameter for downspout conductor lines. This more durable type of pipe is more impact resistant than PVC, styrene or clay pipe.

Some traditional downspout conductor lines buried underground have no outlet for drainage. Since they are sitting in the ground, they could become clogged with dirt and other debris. This could lead to a back-up or overflow of water that will cause additional headaches.

When Florida Foundation Authority installs downspout conductor lines, we bury the pipe in the ground and in many cases can direct the pipe to drain out at the curb in front of the home. We also can install a special attachment at the end of the buried pipe that terminates in a yard.

The YardWell outlet can be added to the end of a downspout extension to direct water into the yard and safely away from your foundation. The perforated YardWell outlet is designed to flush away leaves and other debris, allowing the drainage channel to remain open. The YardWell’s green color blends into your lawn, and the lid is removable for easy cleaning. It also is durable enough to withstand mower traffic.

Instead of or in addition to downspout lines, we also can install French drains. French drains include the installation of a perforated pipe underground, seated in non-compactable gravel, to allow water to slowly leach in and drain to the appropriate area away from your home’s foundation.

If you are concerned with your exterior drainage system in addition to other waterproofing issues, contact Florida Foundation Authority today to schedule your free evaluation. Our expert team can help you create a healthy and dry home!

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