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3 Ways to Protect Your Crawl Space This Winter

Winter is a wet season, but don’t worry—we have three quick and easy tips for homeowners looking to protect their crawl space and keep it waterproof this winter.

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A property’s crawl space is one of those places that no one really thinks about or wants to venture into, but it is important to the overall health of your home. While winters in Orlando, FL, may not see many snap freeze or snow days, they do present unique challenges for your home. Keeping your crawl space dry in winter can be a real challenge. Thankfully, there are some easy things you can do to protect and waterproof your crawl space. 

encapsulated and insulated crawl space

3 Ways to Protect Your Crawl Space

These waterproofing solutions are cost-effective and easy to install with the help of a professional, but most importantly, they actually work. 

Insulate Your Crawl Space 

Foam insulation is waterproof, lightweight, and effective. A professional can usually install this measure in one visit, so you can have an updated, well-insulated crawl space without lengthy sessions clogging up your week. 

The foam panels will be placed on the walls and can be cut to fit in between the rim joists. This is where most heat is lost, of course, but by placing foam insulation here, it also prevents a lot of moisture from getting into your crawl space. The layer of foam insulation will essentially trap moisture; if you elect to have a professional install drains below it in the crawl space floor, you can collect and funnel moisture out of your home easily. 

The other benefits of this include a more controlled temperature in your crawl space and home, lower energy bills, and a reduced chance of a burst pipe during those rare Florida cold snaps. 

Encapsulate Your Crawl Space 

Having your crawl space encapsulated with a high-quality, durable vapor barrier is one of the best ways to keep it free from moisture and reduce pests’ interest in the space. It works best when installed over insulation and drainage measures, of course, so an expert can include this solution after the earlier ones. 

While the process of encapsulation is time-consuming, it is not difficult and won’t require the specialist to use heavy, noise-making equipment. Once you have this done, you will notice a dramatic improvement in air quality and heat retention in your home. 

Install Crawl Space Vent Covers 

Crawl space vents are very common in older homes, because they were originally thought to prevent dampness. However, it turns out that they cause it, so crawl space vent covers have become very common. 

These durable plastic vent covers are generally the best for keeping out water and making it difficult for pests to get inside. They are easy to fit once the professional has measured out your exact vents. If the covers don’t fit, you will find water in your newly encapsulated crawl space very quickly. That’s why it’s best to avoid DIYing this project, instead leaving it to the experts. 

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These simple but effective waterproofing solutions can dramatically improve your home. As a plus, you can reach out to the Florida Foundation Authority for a free inspection and quote, so local experts can evaluate your crawl space, its exact needs, and the right solutions for you. Book an appointment for a no-obligation quote and see how the experts can safeguard your home against the seasons.

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