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How Much Does it Cost to Clean and Repair a Crawl Space?

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When was the last time you visited the crawl space? Do you know whether it’s in good shape or in bad condition? Don’t wait until you start noticing unpleasant smells and crawling insects like termites to clean a crawl space in Orlando, FL. By cleaning your crawl space, you create fresh storage space and have peace of mind knowing your belongings will be free of moisture and less attractive to pests.

So how much does the cleaning out and repairing the crawl space cost, and how long does it take? Read on to find out all this and more.

Cost of Crawl Space Cleanup

Crawl Space

Clean-up costs will vary depending on the size of the area that needs cleaning, the extent of damage, and the condition of your crawl space. Another thing that’s going to determine the cost is whether you want a basic clean-up or a thorough clean-up followed up by crawl space repair. In any case, your local foundation or crawl space contractor will give you an estimate. But first, they have to check the crawl space and see what needs to be done.

Basic encapsulation and repair will cost you anywhere from $8,000 to $25,000, depending on the size and condition of the crawl space. This figure does not include miscellaneous costs. The cost could go up if there are debris, multiple issues, and significant damage that necessitates repairs. As encapsulation projects begin, your contractor will come in and clear out everything that’s come in as a result of moisture build-up. This includes debris and water, as well as regrading if needed.

Sometimes crawl space insulation repair is necessary or your cleaning efforts will be in vain. If your insulation has been contaminated by mold, you will have to remove it and replace it with a fresh one. Removing the insulation costs $1.15 per square foot.

Fungal treatment or mold remediation could cost you anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000. You’ll likely use the same treatments and professionals for this exercise. Mold and high moisture levels go hand in hand. If there’s mold, chances are you will have to carry out crawl space encapsulation and install vapor barriers to bring down humidity levels.

How Long Does Cleaning Take?

Depending on the size and complexity of the job cleaning a crawl space could take anywhere from one hour to several hours. Simple cleanout, such as removing droppings or debris, could take an hour or so. Where thorough cleaning and repairs are necessary, it could take a couple of days.

Tips to Save Money When Cleaning the Crawl Space

When cleaning your crawl space, combine it with repairs. A damp or moist crawl space could be undermining the ability of your home to save energy and maintain hospitable conditions. During hot summer and cooler winter months, you’ll find your HVAC unit running longer than usual to maintain normal conditions in your home.

Find a contractor who offers end-to-end solutions. There’s a good chance the contractor you work with does more than just clean out debris and dirt. As well as cleaning out the crawl space, they may carry out encapsulation, sealing, and other necessary repairs. This way, you will avoid the cost of hiring two contractors.

Always budget and save money for maintenance cleaning just as you do for your regular bills and the occasional landscaping. We encourage you to commit a certain amount per year. By doing so, you’ll be in control over your cleaning schedule and not let things go until there’s a problem.

When shopping for a crawl space repair contractor, request quotes from two or three companies. Compare their clean-up costs, remediation costs, and insulation or repair costs, and see who gives value for money. By doing this, you’ll slash a couple of hundred dollars from the final bill.

DIY Clean up vs. Hiring Cleaning Professionals

Cleaning Professionals

We know how tempting it is to perform a DIY cleanup. You could think you’re saving money or doing it at your pace and a time of your convenience. But do you know what’s involved when cleaning out the crawl space and the risks involved?

Sometimes, cleaning the crawl space is not just as simple as mopping up the floor and sweeping out the debris. You will need the appropriate gear and the right cleaning tools. Why would you want to expose yourself to dangerous black mold and other hazards such as electrical wires? Focus on your other chores and let well-trained professionals handle this work.

Want to clean out your damp or dirty crawl space but not sure how much it’s going to cost? Get a free crawl space estimate from the experts at Florida Foundation Authority. We can turn your damp, moldy crawl space into a clean space for your belongings.

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