Interview with an Expert: Why is PolyRenewal the Best Concrete Leveling Option?

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We sat down with an expert on PolyRenewal, a certified inspector who works for our sister company Ohio Basement Authority in Columbus, OH. He has several years of training and experience with using PolyRenewal as a concrete lifting and leveling product. You may have heard that PolyRenewal is the best product in the industry for concrete leveling, but we wanted to find out why.

Common concrete leveling questions

PolyRenewal is a highly expansive foam that pushes the soil down and lifts the concrete slab up. It is “hydrophobic,” which means that it deflects water. This prevents the soil from washing out further underneath the slab. It also acts as a thermal barrier. This means that it is insulation for the ground and it prevents the soiling from drying up from heat and shrinking.

PolyRenewal is about three pound per cubic foot. With mudjacking, they pump in a concrete slurry that adds about 100 pounds per cubic foot. Why would you want to add all of that extra weight to a slab that’s already sinking? Another perk is the cure time. With PolyRenewal, you can use the concrete immediately after we install it. If it’s under your driveway, you can drive on it right after. With mudjacking, the cure time is a week or so. You also can’t just mudjacking for certain areas like pool decks, so that gives an extra advantage to using PolyRenewal.

Yes! PolyRenewal will break down after about 70 or 80 years. It’s also recyclable.

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