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How Can PolyRenewal Repair My Concrete Pool Deck?

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We know you want your pool deck to look its best. Whether you use it daily, sometimes, or on special occasions, a pool is a large investment for your home and family.

So, if the concrete deck around your pool starts cracking or sinking, this can be a concern for many reasons. The unsightliness of the damaged concrete can decrease the value and make your pool look unkempt. More importantly, uneven and cracked concrete can be a safety hazard. The last thing you want is to have kids, elderly people, or anyone else tripping and hurting themselves during a day of fun in the sun. 

If you have these concerns, we can help! We offer a product called PolyRenewal, which is a state-of-the-art system for concrete lifting and leveling. This involves pumping polyurethane foam through holes with less than an inch diameter. While it may be hard to believe, this foam is extremely strong once it hardens and you can drive on it within 15 minutes of installation. This product works better than mud-jacking because adding more concrete under the slab only makes it heavier and more likely to sink again.

The foam will lift the concrete and make all sections even. This will eliminate tripping hazards.

We can also use joint sealant to fill in and seal any cracks. This will create a more appealing look and prevent water from getting into the cracks and washing more dirt out from under the slab.

PolyRenewal has a five-year warranty and is projected to last indefinitely. The foam will not wash away to break down the way mud or other concrete will. This may concern some about its impact on the environment. PolyRenewal foam is, however, recyclable and does not secrete any chemicals once it has cured.

If you have concerns about your unlevel pool deck, sidewalk, porch, driveway, or other concrete surfaces, don’t hesitate to contact us and learn whether the PolyRenewal system can work for you.

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