Photo Album: Rerouting Downspout Lines in Longwood, FL to Protect Flower Beds

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A customer in Longwood, FL reached out to Florida Foundation Authority online with concerns about water eroding her flower beds. The flower beds were against the porch of the home and the water was coming for downspout lines that were not properly routed.

These downspouts were allowing water from the gutters to splash around the home. This disrupted the flowers and allowed water to pool against the home which would have led to water intrusion over time.

Doug Secrest went out to the home to provide a free inspection and quote to fix this issue and prevent further drainage problems. Doug determined that the best solution would be rerouting the downspout discharge lines and installing french drains.

The homeowner agreed that this would work for her, so she decided to go with Florida Foundation Authority.

Doug returned to install the project with foreman Mike McDonald. These two are both very experienced and we able to complete the project within one day.

The downspout and french drain work have a one-year warranty on labor and materials, and these high-quality products will keep the homeowner's mind at ease for years to come.


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  • Water Washing Away Flower Beds Before
  • Water Stains Along Porch
  • Digging a Trench
  • Installed Downspout Lines
  • Refilling the Trench
  • Completed Downspout Project

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